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We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in adopting, fostering, donating or volunteering and we can be contacted by either email or by messaging us via our Facebook page. If you wish to adopt we would ask that you include some information about your family ie. children, pets, your area and working hours so that we can discuss cats or kittens that would best suit your family.

We are always very grateful for any donations as the nature of the cats that we prioritise is accompanied by very high vet bills. We are fortunate to have a wonderful following on Facebook who donate to and share our fund raisers and due to this we are able to continue helping so many unwanted cats.


We are pleased to have been nominated for Animal Charity Team of the Year 2019.

Petplan Nomination Cat Welfare Luton
Spay Today!

To help fight feline overpopulation we promote the neutering and spaying of your feline friends. This not only helps promote the health and wellbeing of your cat, but will reduce the risk of disease and behavioural issues in years to come.

Cat Welfare Luton

Cat Welfare Luton is a small Luton based cat rescue that has been helping cats since the year 2000 across Herts, Beds and Bucks and occasionally further afield.

As a rescue we specialise in strays, ferals and those in most urgent need. Feral cats are trapped and neutered and where possible returned to site and fed daily, feral kittens are socialised by our very experienced foster carers and then found loving new homes in pairs. 

We do a lot of hand rearing and have a very high success rate of saving sick and weak kittens and we also take in many seriously injured stray cats from the local vets.

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